Masibumbane Programmes

At present the Mission runs ten projects. All projects, except one, the Support Projects, are integrated into a six-step empowerment programme that aims to assist clients to become as self-reliant as possible after four months. The programme also serves as a structured framework to co-ordinate the delivery of all the Mission’s services.

The six-phase empowerment programme is divided into:

  1. Application
  2. Waiting list
  3. Emergency – meeting immediate physical needs
  4. Initial rebuilding – addressing emotional needs and initiating life-style and skills training
  5. Advanced rebuilding – a consolidation period
  6. Maintenance

During the initial emergency phase clients are given essential items at no charge, but after that some reciprocal action, as they are able, is expected. This is to discourage dependency and to begin to instill in them the idea of earning and self-reliance.  Each field-worker gives a client tasks to do each week.

These are written in the so-called “work book.” The following week his/her performance is rated and they receive food or service accordingly.